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SC Learning

Getting every nurse ready for the NCLEX, OSCE, and preparing them for what to expect. Learning straight from the professionals first. Educating businesses on best health and safety practices.

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How To Prepare

What to study, how to study and where to apply your time in review for the NCLEX.

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What To Expect

What you can expect to see on the exam and how to prepare yourself mentally for the session.

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What Now?

Connect with CNO to write your NCLEX!

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Welcome To SC Learning

From Professionals. To You. Face-to-Face Learning.

This NCLEX review is recommended for anyone and everyone taking the NCLEX. If you are a new grad, IEN (Internationally Educated Nurse), or simply repeating the exam, you’re in the right place and you’ve chosen a brilliant place to start.

The value I provide, starts right now! Here are some helpful links to get you started on the process.

NNAS, CNO Standards of Practice, CNO Code of Conduct, FAQs CNO

For Students and Businesses. Taught by the Best.

All of my classes are taught with the first-hand experience of BScN, IEN, RPN and PSW for Centennial College, Georgian College, Seneca College and TDSB (Toronto District School Board). I promise you, you will only get the best.

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My Courses, Taught Near You

My NCLEX review courses are taught in multiple locations so that you don’t have to worry about going far to find expert training. Locations include Brampton/Mississauga, Barrie/Vaughan, Scarborough.

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Staffing Solution

Each area of Healthcare has their own specific needs.  Whether it’s in the Hospital or at home, we can meet the needs of your each and every client.

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About Me

Noreen Leadbetter is a Master prepared Registered Nurse with 16 years of Nursing experience (front line, administrative management, Professor).
As a nursing professor, she recognized the unique needs of entry-level nurses and IENs. Her desire is to provide support and guidance as they transition into healthcare and learn to navigate our healthcare system and assisting them to develop their confidence as they begin their nursing career.
Noreen Leadbetter, RN MN
Noreen Leadbetter, RN MN